I like things simple.

I want my work to speak for itself. Unnecessary complexity usually does nothing good but get in the way. It's the same with long statements that carry no meaning. Keep it short and keep it simple.

I am a programmer.

Going by the principle that "language is just a tool" I've touched on many technologies over the years and I've sticked with Python for the longest time. Among others I also like Go, C, some flavours of Lisp.

You can check out my GitLab and projects that I keep there. I have a GitHub profile too.

I love learning.

Currently I am studying Cybersecurity at the Warsaw University of Technology (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology). As you may expect, in the center of my interests are: computers, electronics, software and hardware, artificial intelligence.

You may find educational value in the posts on my blog. Some of the notes that I take for myself are available there.

Other than that...

I enjoy music, especially genres such as metal or jazz. I play bass (and electric) guitar for fun. Then there's also anime, games, literature, occasional workout to stay healthy... No time to be bored!